Monday, May 24, 2010

Hurry Back Camera!

The people at the Nikon factory had better get that camera back to me quick! I have missed some adorable photo ops in the last few weeks!

Last weekend we purchased a fantastic picnic table from our friends. It has room for 12 because it is quite large and has these wonderful detached bench sets with backs on them. It is absolutely perfect for our family as no one can fall off the seats! We have had dinner at the patio for the past 3 out of 4 nights and it is so much fun. Matt's parents had a patio umbrella and stand in their basement that they have never used and it was a perfect fit! The kids had their first taste of steak the other night and really liked it!

We have been trying to get outside and play at least once a day. It is not easy to get outside with our family again this year. I thought this year may be somewhat easier, but come to find out, it's still a challenge. With two potty training and an 18 month old who is prone to wander, going outside for any length of time seems to be an exhausting chore. Then there is the whole issue of cleaning up these four monkeys. Matt and I have been quite happy for 3 years with our every-other-night bath routine. It seemed ideal to have one night off from the chore of doing baths. However we are finding the kids are so filthy when they come in that we couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't bathe them before bed. Oh the joys that each new season brings!

Tomorrow night I will be sharing my testimony with my MOPS group at our final meeting of the year. Please keep me in your prayers as I will be sharing the amazing ways God has shown His love for me in my life. Please also keep Matt's Grandma in your prayers as she continues to recover in the hospital.


  1. Remember the episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 when they were potty training? There were at least 3 potties lined up outside! Funny---but a good idea, I think. You can't grab one and run, leaving 3 others outside.
    All will be well with your presentation, I am sure.
    Love and prayers,

  2. Potty training is truly different for every child. I know of a boy who was 4 and still not be trained--and the mom was an elementary teacher and the father a doctor!

    Seventeen years ago we were blessed with twins, a boy and a girl. They were delivered by a scheduled c-section 2 weeks before due date and our daughter ended up in PIC unit for 10 days. From that point on, she seemed to be a month behind in development. Our son got his first tooth a month before her, he sat up a month before her, he crawled a month before, however our daughter walked a week before him. Even in other developments, he seemed to be ahead of her until their own personalities really developed. He rode his bike without training wheels long before his sister but she was too busy coloring beautiful pictures to care. And when they started school, she would tie 4 shoes every day-her own and her brother's!

    There are times it is hard not to compare them but through time, you learn to love their differences even more. You just have to remind yourself: if they were born as singles, I wouldn't have anyone to compare them to.

    It will happen: Brady will let you know when he is ready to be potty trained!


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