Friday, May 7, 2010

Potty Adventures, Take Two!

Potty Training: Day 2: Two BIG thumbs up!

Cara is just awesome! She went on the potty about 20 times today, no accidents at all! We still have to conquer using the potty for well, you know, but I'm not pushing her and just trying to keep things really light and positive!

We even went out to dinner tonight and she didn't have an accident! We put her in a pull-up just because I didn't want her to panic if we were driving and she couldn't get to a potty. She kept the pull-up dry and went potty at the restaurant two times! She is making the whole thing look way too easy:) But my friends, trust me when I tell you, that the boys are going to be harder, much harder to train! She is quite the independent girl and doesn't fall apart when confronted with a challenge. The boys on the other hand will whine and cry when things are hard, and are quick to say, "I can't!" I think Eli will be okay with lots of reminders and encouragement...our dearest Brady on the other hand...there will be battles, many battles!!!

Tomorrow the big kids are taking a little road trip to visit Great Grandma Vera about an hour away. I'm very excited to see how Cara does away from home for so long. I didn't anticipate so many outings when I started this project earlier in the week, but she is doing so well that we will just roll with it!

I am sad to report that our awesome camera is not working right now. I love that camera and it has been so great to have for the past 8 months, but something isn't right with the button you push to take the pictures. I'm looking into it, but sadly will not be able to share pictures for a while:(

Lastly I wanted to share a video from the CNCF (Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation). It is our goal to continually raise awareness about Neuroblastoma and funding for research aimed at improved treatment outcomes for children with this disease. I shared this video on Facebook and wrote that I had never heard of Neuroblastoma before January 21, 2009. My goal is for everyone I know to understand the warning signs and tell at least one other person about this disease. Please take a few minutes to watch this video. It just may save the life of someone you love...


  1. Go Cara! This may sound odd, but I drove around with a potty chair in the back of my car for two years. It worked for when you are on the road it saves you from having to unload the whole crew. :)

  2. Hey Meg!

    another option instead of pull-ups, put on a diaper over the underpants. the kids will still feel if they're wet but there won't be the mess.

    good luck! sounds like its going great so far! now just find the treat/treasure that the boys will want desperately that cara will earn before them. a toy. a trip somewhere that only kids with underpants can go (we used Chuck E Cheese and the spray park). anything that they will see cara earn and will badly want too. like the dust busters for us.

    :) karen

  3. Please tell Cara that I am so happy for her! She is truly a big girl now. :-) The boys will get the idea; it just takes longer.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and the grandmas!

  4. Wow, what progress. I have to admit, my daughter was much easier than the boys.

    Have a great weekend.

    I'm going to put Bradys button on my blog.

  5. Yeah for Cara!!! Our Tommy just turned 3 recently as well and even though he shows some interest in the potty, I know that when we really start taking it seriously there will be a MAJOR fight!!! They don't go to college in diapers....right? :)

    On another note, thanks for sharing the video with us! I just hate that babies have to suffer with this disease, that they have to suffer in ANY way!!! Our God is so good though and ONE day there will be no more suffering!!!

    Blessings...and thanks for your sweet comment at our family blog! :)


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