Friday, April 9, 2010

3 Year Appointments

Brady had his 3 year physical today, which we also counted as his pre-anesthesia physical. Cara had her appointment a few weeks ago, and Eli will have his in two weeks. When the triplets were first born I would bring them to the doctor all at the same time. Imagine three infant babies in a tiny exam room and me trying to undress them, soothe them, and manage to talk with the doctor. I always felt like I was running a marathon during the appointments, and afterward, I remembered nothing of what was discussed.

We are with a different pediatrician now, and right before Brady was diagnosed I chose to do their appointments separate. This has been a wonderful arrangement in the past year. I schedule their check ups on the days when I know I'll have help, and that way I can spend some one on one time with each child. I also like talking about each of them as individuals, rather than saying, "Well they do this...and they eat that." I'm amazed at how differently each appointment goes, because Eli, Cara, and Brady are each so unique. I should mention that one of my all-time favorite "triplet comments" has always been, "Oh triplets! Do they each have their own personality?" My response with just a drop of sarcasm, "Why yes they is like they are actually each their own person!" Ha!

Today was Brady boy's turn and probably the funniest part of our trip was him talking my ear off for the entire ride there and half way home. He is in that stage where he asks the same question over and over...then repeats my response. It goes something like this:
Brady: "Where we going mommy?"
Me: "We're going to your check up with Dr. Walsh, Brady."
Brady: "Check up?"
Me: "Yes, sweetie. Dr. Walsh is going to check you to see how big and strong you are getting."
Brady: "Dr. Walsh is going to check me mommy?"
Me: "Uh-huh. Dr. Walsh is nice."
Brady: "She doing my check up mommy?"
Me: "Yes Brady."
Brady: "Where we going next mommy?"
Me: "We have to make one more stop at mommy's friend's house. Then we are going home."
Brady: "First to Dr. Walsh mommy?"
Me: "Yes."
Brady: "For my check up?"

Wow! The boy can chat.

The good news is that Brady is really coming along in both height and weight. I'd like to say that he was small due to cancer and chemo treatments, but Eli is just as small. Brady is up to 30 pounds and 36 inches, so he is around the 25th percentile. We talked about scoliosis, kyphosis, cancer, vaccinations, Horner's know, the normal stuff!!!

She also noted some areas of concern in regards to balance and strength in Brady boy's legs. That being said, she also remarked that it wasn't too long ago that he couldn't walk across the exam room, so she is quite pleased with his amazing gains! We have Brady' CPSE (Committee on Preschool Education) meeting next Friday. Basically our local school district with look at all of the evaluations that have been done in regard to Brady's gross motor skills and decide if he will qualify for continued physical therapy. Now that he will be preschool age, the school district is responsible for coordinating his therapy, rather than the county. We are hoping that he does qualify through the school district so that we can maintain PT with the wonderful Linda whom Brady adores:)

So next week include three big appointments. Tuesday is scan day. Thursday is follow up with oncologist. And Friday is CPSE meeting. And I wonder if I could work full time?!?

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