Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Little Girl

Cara is a total girly and frilly type of girl and I adore that about her!

Today Grandma brought over her birthday presents for the kids. I have known for months that she was going to get a Snow White costume from Grandma and I have been SO excited about it! She has a Sleeping Beauty costume that she has had since Christmas. Everyday she digs it out of the toy box, asks me to put it on, and marches around the house wearing it. She soon forgets that she is wearing it and sooner or later is on the ground playing with trucks or building with blocks all while wearing her princess dress.

It is stained, ripped, and we even cut the sheer sleeves off because they had become so frayed. But Cara loves it.

Imagine her excitement when she opened up her birthday gift today and saw a brand new princess dress. Well, imagine no more…Look at her face!!!


Princess Cara:)


And because I can’t resist, I have to share the picture of my little genius using her new binoculars!


I love my “big” little girl!


  1. The look on Cara's face is priceless. Beautiful!!!

  2. the captured excitement is Priceless!! She makes a beautiful Snow White!!!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful! We have a picture of a grandson with that look. He received a toy saxophone. These years are so special.

  4. Cara's face says it all-----That is a great picture. Amazing~


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