Sunday, April 18, 2010

6 Days Until the Big 3

After a relaxing weekend away, we are home again and ready to jump into a super-busy week! Matt and I spent the weekend in the Finger Lakes area. We shopped at the Waterloo outlets and stayed overnight at the Harbor Hotel in Watkins Glen. It was a lovely place and we slept in until 9am! The best part? We ate our meals slowly and only had to cut our own food!

With 6 days to go until the birthday party and a handful of other projects going on, every minute seems to be busy with something. I promise to get the camera out this week and share pictures of the kids. They are changing every minute and growing by leaps and bounds. We officially are done with high chairs for the triplets. I know, who still has their kid in a highchair when they are almost 3? We did! We squeezed our old kitchen table over the in the little nook where the highchairs have been for the past 2 1/2 years. I was quite sad to see them go, but I could no longer lift the kids into them 3 times a day! Another big change in our house...time is just slipping away!

The big kids are now in these great booster seats and are doing a great job. So tonight, instead of pulling 4 high chairs up around the island to eat dinner, we all sat (pretty close together) around the table together. It hit Matt and I both at the same time how crazy it was to look around the table and see 6 faces. Our little family is a complete table-full of people. I commented to Matt that in a few years we will be sitting there talking about what happened at school that day. He put his hand up and told me, "Don't even say that yet. I can't even think about that!"

6 days until the the big 3rd birthday! I'm so excited this year because the kids understand that their birthday is coming and love talking about their party! Our theme is a cowboy/cowgirl party and the details are keeping me very busy:) Of course I will have many, many pictures to share!

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  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed your time away. I can't believe the kids are turning three! I continue to pray for you daily, I know the party will be awesome as you are a natural planner. Thank you for sharing


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