Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remember this?

One year ago today was our first day home from NYC. It was also the day before Easter, and we had a great surprise visit from the Easter bunny…

Brady and those bunny ears! Remember how he wore them all around NYC? Ha!

I’m focusing my thoughts this week on God’s unfailing strength. Please keep us in your prayers this week as we navigate this familiar, yet still unnerving, process.

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  1. Megan;
    you may have posted this in the past; was on another friends site and I thought it might help with the weeks ahead:
    The Chosen Ones

    Not just any child could walk this uphill road. These children walk it every day carrying a big load.

    They show us heights of courage that we may never reach. They show us what it is to fight a fight you cannot teach.

    We stand beside them knowing there is no guarantee. Except the one we started with - to love them endlessly…

    They are the special chosen ones, God knew it from the start. He picked each child for cancer by measuring their heart.

    The ones that measured biggest would someday face a test. The challenge is to understand - God loves them more not less.

    He's using them to move our hearts closer to his own. Teaching us to trust his plan and fear not the unknown.

    For God can move a mountain and part the raging sea. He wants our struggles offered up and given forth to Thee.

    He smiles upon the chosen ones before they're even born and blesses them with courage to walk through any storm.

    His love for them surpasses ours and cannot be denied for in the dark of suffering His light will not subside.

    No matter what the outcome there is the greatest peace in knowing, deep inside their hearts His love will never cease.

    Our friend was dealing with "scanxity" and this brought her peace; hope it will help you too; as much as words can...... :-)


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