Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Day Between

Today was our day between scan day and our follow up appointment. We didn’t get another call from the oncologist to confirm anything, so we are hoping and praying that no news is good news. Of course tomorrow we will have a chance to talk at length. One of my big questions is if we can use the term “No Evidence of Disease (NED)” to describe Brady. NED status is a coveted milestone in the world of cancer treatment. Brady has not been considered NED before because of that tiny spot in his spine that wasn’t able to be removed. They don’t technically know if this spot is cancer or not, so Brady has never been classified as ‘cancer free’. I’m wondering if since 1 year has passed and this spot has remained stable, that we can now assume that it is no longer a cancerous mass.

We shall see….

We got outside again today for a picnic lunch in the park. You see, a picnic lunch in the park means fun for the kids…and a lot less mess for me to clean up! Grandma Kathy and I loved every minute watching them, chasing them, catching them at the bottom of slides, and just seeing them have fun!

Brady had 1/2 of a red face again…but it didn’t bother him at all!


Brady’s PT (Linda) will love to see this traction Brady and I worked on!



Cara gave me a dandelion for my hair!



Cara rode a big girl swing for the first time!


Brady is excited for his “date with mommy” tomorrow—sad that we are going to the oncologist’s office, but we will make the best of it! Of course this will include a lunch out together!  

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