Friday, April 23, 2010

Hooray for Birthdays!

I've been neglecting this little blog of mine the past few days! Busy, busy, busy! Matt has been dealing with a lot of back pain recently as well, so I'm trying to do some of what he usually does. You should know by now what an amazing help he is around the house, so I'm feeling run down trying to fill his shoes:)

Tomorrow my sweet babies turn 3!!! I can't say that the time has flown by, as it seems as though they have always been a part of our lives. But then again, I can't believe how big they are, how smart they are, and how much they change with each new day. This is the first year that the comprehend the birthday concept and they are as excited as we are. It's even better that their birthday is on a Saturday this year. We are going to have breakfast together and then they will open their presents from Matt and I!!! I'll be getting things ready for the party for the rest of the day which leaves poor Matt to try and handle 4 very excited toddlers!

Party starts at 4pm! Pictures hopefully posted later tomorrow night!!!


  1. Enjoy and God Bless you as you celebrate, marvel and give thanks for the three, three year olds!!!!! What a blessing~ Heather

  2. happy birthday!!! Three cheers for the three turning 3!
    Hip, Hip Hooray!
    Hip, Hip Hooray!!
    Hip, Hip Hooray!!!
    Praise God for all He has done, the angels are singing His Praises!!!

  3. Happy Birthday kiddos!! Hope you are having a great day!


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