Thursday, April 29, 2010

Consignment Day

Another late night home for me. I've been away from my kids for some part of almost every day this week. I certainly have gotten a lot accomplished, but I really don't like leaving this often. I didn't like leaving Allie's sweet face today, pushed up against the window watching me leave with tears running down her face. Yuck...didn't like that at all.

Yesterday I volunteered at the consignment sale (Weepeats in Rochester) and today I was able to shop at their pre-sale before the general public. I consign twice a year as way to recycle our childrens' clothes and toys into money to buy, well...more clothes and toys! I don't consign everything, I give some away and I also had a garage sale last year and am planning one for this year. It is just amazing how much kid "stuff" you can amass with 4 small kids. I like to think of the time and energy I put into consigning as a way to contribute to our family's income since I'm not working outside of the home. I also love to be able to shop at great prices twice a year! Tonight I came home with a youth basketball hoop, a pirate ship, 3 snap/dress dolls, 6 books, 3 toddler games, a bag of barretts, a Cinderella costume, 2 bean bag toss games, 2 toddler hockey sticks, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a dress, and a shirt/capri set all for $109! This girl loves a bargain. Most importantly, for this sale I will make much more than I spent! That is always my goal:)

While wandering the sale tonight I saw one of the boys' outfits that I was selling in the hands of another mom. It was the outfit Brady wore on the night of a benefit dinner held by the Angels of Mercy last spring. He wore those blue plaid party pants with his matching blue vest and white tshirt and he melted my heart! I remember the ladies at the benefit laying hands on him to pray and I can just picture him sitting there with is bald head, surrounded by all of them. It was all I could do not to run up to the woman at the sale and grab that outfit and run the other way!!! Once I resisted that urge, I felt like she needed to know the history behind that special it special HE is! I took a deep breath, decided that I didn't want to become the crazy lady at the consignment sale, and just let it go. Wow! Am I a mess or what?

I found the picture...

See what I mean! Is that precious or what?

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  1. I think that you were brave letting the outfit go, but look you have the picture forever and the memory so not all is lost! Hope you get some time to "relax" at home with the kids next week!


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