Monday, April 26, 2010

Ready for More?

Eli woke up from his nap yesterday and told Matt, "Dad, now we are going to have another party?" In the mind of a newly 3 year old, why wouldn't there be another birthday party waiting for them when they woke up!?!

The kids played with their new toys and enjoyed the Western town that still is hanging around the house. Allie really liked the big boxes! When Matt and I looked inside one of them yesterday we were surprised to see that she had been stockpiling garbage bags that she likes to take out of the drawer in the kitchen. Today I found a pile of trail mix that she had been chewing on in the corner of one of the boxes!

My week of many projects continues tomorrow night with MOPS and then the annual spring consignment sale in Rochester. I have 5 baskets of clothes and toys for consignment and another 6 bins of clothes for our garage sale in June! The process of sorting and purging never ends in this house:)

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