Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not the Best Plan

We have our scan day plan, but we wish it was a little different.

Right now we are scheduled to arrive Tuesday at 9:45 for a 10:30 scan. This means Brady is probably the 3rd case of the morning. Unfortunately this inevitably means there will be a delay. Poor Brady is not allowed to eat or drink at all until after his scan.

It might seem that the more times we do this, the easier it gets. Perhaps for Matt and I, familiarity with the scan routine makes it easier for us, but as Brady gets older, scans get harder. He understands more, expresses his feelings more, and will be much less willing to refrain from eating and drinking all morning.

It is kind of frustrating that Brady can't be the first case of the day every time. They know we are coming every three months (hopefully 6 months after this scan) so why can't we just get an appointment months in advance? The pediatric MRI department doesn't work like that though. They make their schedule a few weeks in advance as to what day you are coming in, and then a few days in advance they set times. They try and put the youngest patients first. So as Brady gets older, his time will be later. There is a 6 month old and 20 month old ahead of him Tuesday.

I suppose this is all small potatoes in the scheme of Brady's life. But I hate to see my little guy have to put up with any sort of discomfort that is unnecessary.

A great scan report will of course erase all of this stress from my mind:) Thank you for your prayers in the coming week!


  1. Keeping you in my prayers! It does get easier the older they get, trust me I know.

  2. I'll pray that God will work miracles and Brady's scan will be on time. Prayers for restful sleep and strength for you too.

    I know for nearly a week ahead of G's paediatricians check up every six months, I become a blithering mess. It's a legacy of so many appointments with her paed when she was little where we were given bad news.


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