Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 More Days

With four more days until the big birthday, conversation around our house sounds a little like this:

Eli: "My birthday's coming up mommy! It is!

Me: "You're right sweetie it is. I'm SO excited."

Brady: "No, it's MY birthday too!"

Me: "Yes, it's YOUR birthday too, Brady."

Cara: "And mine too mommy?"

Me: "It's all of your birthdays! You are triplets which means you were born on the same day. The three of you will share a birthday every year of your life!"

dramatic pause while three little minds try and wrap their heads around that thought...

Eli: "Mom, are we going to have a big cake?"

Gotta love their take on things:)


  1. And what flavor will that big cake be?
    Love the spaceship tent! Aunt Melissa knows how to shop for little ones. :-)

  2. How exciting! Enjoy and make sure you post LOTS of pictures!

    Love, Deb


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