Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Away

Every year it happens. By the end of April I'm running a rat race with 3 or 4 projects going at once and I feel like I need 30 hours in a day to get them done! This year is no exception! The birthday party is 1 week from Saturday, our anniversary is the following Monday, the spring consignment sale is that week, and our Ladies' Luncheon at church is the following weekend. All of these events I really enjoying participating in, I just wish that they didn't all have to happen within the same two weeks.

I have also started a home business this week to try and contribute to the family income. I'm not sure that I'm allowed to say the name of the company on this blog (I just got the business kit today and haven't had a minute to read the fine print!) but if you want details, please email me! I tried very hard to combine a few of my talents (cooking, entertaining) with a flexible schedule, and feel like this company will be a great fit. So I'm adding the new business this to the pile of "to dos" right now!

I won't be blogging throughout the weekend as Matt and I will be going away for our annual anniversary overnight. We keep laughing that maybe next year we will choose a May weekend to avoid some of the stress of leaving during a busy time! I think I'll enjoy being away from it all!

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  1. Enjoy your time away!

    Love, Deb R.


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