Thursday, April 15, 2010

Official Good News!

The news is great and I'm so happy to share it all with you! The official scan report shows no change in Brady's status, and the urine levels look normal! Woo-hoo! The oncologist is very pleased and now wants to go 6 months between scans. That means we won't have to go back until October! I requested that we do a urine level in 3 months, just to sure that things are okay. If cancer cells were increasing, than almost always the urine levels would increase as well. This will give us some peace of mind since we will be going so long without a scan.

I asked "the" questions today...can we now say that Brady is cancer free!?!? The oncologist kind of looked at me, paused, then said, "Well, no, we can't. If Brady was going to be labeled for purposes of a study, he would be called a VGPR (very good partial response)." I told him that that name stunk! My son is a VGPR! The doctor responded, "Well Brady isn't technically No Evidence of Disease, but if you think about, there really isn't any evidence that he has any disease." I guess I can be okay with that! That dumb little spot in his spine is still there. We can't be sure what it is, but it isn't changing and that is all we care about.

Poor Brady had a rough start to his day. He woke up very constipated which is something he has never dealt with. It must have been due to the anesthesia from Tuesday. By the time we got to the doctor's appointment he was writhing in pain and just crying. Thankfully right before we left the office he was able to go, and his mood was instantly better. We had a great time going to lunch and to a few stores picking up things for the birthday party (which is NEXT weekend!)

Thank you for your prayers!!!


  1. Tears of joy, happiness, relief and delight falling here for you ALL. Wonderful, marvellous and THANK YOU GOD. Alleluia!

  2. God is good!!!


    Love, Deb R.

    How can it be time for another birthday?

  3. AWESOME NEWS .... ENJOY YOUR SPRING, SUMMER AND INTO FALL!!!! Wowee how far he has come!!!

  4. That is great news!!! So very happy for your family!!


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