Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crib Jumper

Oh today, where do I start.

Dr. Sanders's office, the orthopedic surgeon we are seeing in March, called today to tell me that they had to push our appointment from the 2nd to the 17th. Dr. Sanders is going to help out in Haiti. While I think this is wonderful, I burst into tears on the phone with the secretary! I think all my worry and stress just came out on this poor woman. I told her that we were hoping that Brady would be a casting candidate and that we feel it is a race against time. She put me on hold, came back a few minutes later, and told me that we could come on March 4th. So, only a two day delay. I felt awful for the tears, but in the end, I think it got us an earlier appointment.

The next event of the day involved dear, sweet Cara Kathleen. This child has issues going to sleep without a few (dozen) reminders to lay down and be quiet. After her 2nd reminder at nap time today, everything was quiet and all was well....until....
I heard the loudest thud, followed by screams like I've never heard. I ran into the room knowing that she had fallen out onto the hard-wood floor. This has never happened in our house. Brady attempted to slither over the rail and onto the nearby changing table once, but that is the closest anyone has come to getting out. I found her face down and just sobbing. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just picked her up and held her.

Half of me wanted to scold her, the other half of me was terrified that she had broken her arm, her teeth, or cracker her head open. Her face definitely took the brunt of the fall. All of her limbs were fine. She has a baseball sized goose-egg and bruise on her forehead, a contusion on her cheek, and a scrape under her nose. She looks pretty rough and I know she was shaken up quite a bit.

Also during our day I attempted to bag Brady (which involves sticking this plastic bag thing to him and hoping that he pees into it without it falling out all over). It didn't work too well this time as most of his pee was in his diaper and the bag was falling off. I got the tiniest urine sample ever and am sure it isn't enough.

Tomorrow we have to leave at 8:30 to be on the road to Rochester for Brady's follow up appointment with the oncologist. Please keep us in your prayers as we are expected to have bad road conditions in the morning.

Did I mention how we continue to be on cloud 9 after Brady's great scan results? God is SO GOOD!


  1. NEVER feel bad for howling down a phone line at a medical secretary. Been there, done that.

    And poor you for everything else. Makes my day with a feverish, vomiting child (+ the other one who screamed for the WHOLE time during his swimming lesson) look like a walk in the park.

    Stay strong and prayers for safe driving.

  2. Megan, I feel so bad for little Cara, man what a fall. I am continually amazed that you do all that you do. God surely has blessed you with saint like patience. As for breaking down on the phone, we have all been there when we need to have our children cared for. In your case I would have done anything including parking on the door step until my child was seen. Prayers will be with you as you travel tomorrow. God will be your pilot, stay warm.

  3. I started to read your blog after seeing you post on CAST. I just want to know that although I do not know anything about how the Brady's cancer affects his scoliosis, I feel like we are old pros when it comes to Dr. Sanders, his staff and casting. If you ever need anything in regards to any of if please do not hesitate to ask. And don't worry about crying to Karen - she has heard it from lots of us! -- Jenn


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