Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Turn for the Doctor

Today was my long awaited endoscopy appointment. I have had some stomach troubles for about the past 5 months...something that comes and goes. But when it is bad, it is quite bad, so I knew I needed to get it checked out. The test went well. I was drugged up, but definitely not asleep as I had thought I'd be. Nothing like having a scope down your throat, into your stomach, and stopping at your small intestine! It looks like I don't have an ulcer, like I had kind of thought I might have. But I do have inflammation...isn't this all that you ever wanted to know about me? The doctor asked me at my first appointment a few months ago if I had any increase recently in my stress level? Let's see...

So it looks like I"ll be fine if I continue the medicine regimen I've been trying. Hopefully that will take care of the problem. I hate to think that I may have to give up coffee...just typing those words makes me shudder a bit!

It was strange to be in a hospital bed, hooked up to monitors, discussing medications. How quickly, and unexpectedly I was zapped back into the many memories of Brady's time in the hospital. I watched my IV drip today and instantly thought back to the first night of Brady's chemotherapy and how I watched a bright red poison drip through his IV. I'll never forget that color...

So that was my day! The nurses told Matt that he should help me to the car and go home so I could rest. Yeah right! We headed right to Olive Garden to enjoy a mini date night! This girl hadn't eaten all day, and drugged up or not, I was out of the house and wanted to enjoy myself. But alas, I'm feeling really tired now, so I'll be headed to be early tonight:)

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  1. Hey Meg-Don't know if the time is posted on these comments, but if it is, well, you know how my life is! (Yea, it's a little after 1...AM!!) Just wanted to tell you I was so glad to read tonight's post & hear that your "tummy troubles" aren't too serious! God is so good-He knows our every need...and right now there are 4 babies who need mommy to be strong & healthy!! Keeping you in my prayers everyday-
    Cindy L.


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