Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls' Day Today, Brady's Day Tomorrow

So girly day with Cara had its ups and downs. Cara is absolutely amazing with doctors and medical personnel. She gets excited to talk to them, does everything with a smile, and adds a hardy dose of sassy personality just for kicks. The verdict on the eye appointment is this: We are going to wait and recheck her in May. The eye doctor did a thorough exam and noted that an improvement in an upward, outward movement pattern that I didn't even realize she was doing. He was concerned that she has started head tilting again. He did mention that sometimes the surgery needs to be repeated, but didn't want to rush into doing it again. So, we will wait. The good news is that she is seeing well out of both eyes, although the left one seems to take longer to focus in on things.

Cara, unlike Eli my official "shopping buddy," is not as content to sit in a stroller while mommy shops. She wants to touch everything, she doesn't want me to look at clothes that aren't pink, and she isn't as patient as we wait in line. But, she IS Cara. A sweetie pie who just wants mommy's attention, wants to do what mommy does, and likes to be in charge of the fun. I was so happy to share today with her. And nothing is sweeter than watching her take care of her baby doll throughout the day. When we got home tonight, she played with her baby doll by putting her in the doll stroller and saying, "My baby is all done shopping. She wants to go home!"

Tomorrow Brady and I have to leave the house at 7:30 to get to PT by 8:30. Then we have to be to the orthopedic doctor at 11am. Please keep Brady in prayer as he really struggles with physical exams. He will also probably need to do XRAYS of his spine, and that is stressful for him.

I promise pictures tomorrow!

Don't forget the January 21st project! Only 8 days to go...

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