Friday, January 8, 2010

Vaseline Boy!

Oh Eli! I have to write this all down so that someday I can tell you how silly and quirky you were as a toddler. It all started last night...

Grandpa was here for a visit and was in the nursery as we got everyone settled down for bed. I had put some lotion on Brady's cheeks because his skin is so dry. He put up a huge fuss about it, so Grandpa was pretending to put lotion on his face and then onto some of Brady and Eli's stuffed animals in their cribs. I guess this idea peaked Eli's imagination. That coupled with the fact that we had fingerpainted earlier in the day led to Eli deciding that he should grab a container of Vaseline off of the nearby changing table and bring it into his crib after we left the room at bedtime.

Somewhere between the hours of 8pm and 11:30pm, Eli did just that. He got the Vaseline, opened it, and proceeded to spread it all over, everywhere. It was all over his face, his hair, his Snuffleupagus, his Elmo, his stuffed dog, little Snuffy, mickey mouse, his sheets, his blankets, his pillow, and about 8 rungs of his crib. I had just dug that dumb container of Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet last week to protect their cheeks when we went sledding. I left it in there to put on their chapped lips. Little did I know...

We decided to let him just sleep and we would clean it up in the morning. And what a mess it was to clean up. Vaseline just doesn't wipe off and it completely stained his sheet. He thinks the whole thing is very funny. I keep calling him Vaseline Boy and he does this stinker face and laughs.

Another funny thing about Eli these days are his out-of-the-blue revelations about the world around him. A few weeks ago, and now every few days since, he just said in the most astonished voice, "Allie can't talk! She can't!" What a funny boy.

We are hunkering down in the cold and snow for a pretty quiet weekend.

If you didn't read about the January 21st project, you can click here to find out how you can participate. I'm really excited to hear from more of you and to share your stories on the blog. I'm sure others will enjoy reading others' thoughts for a change! Please keep your emails and comments coming! Any insights or relections as to how Brady's story impacted you are most welcome! I'm also hoping to have some pictures of those who prayed for Brady or helped our famil in some way. The book will become a treasure for our family for sure:)


  1. Oh gosh! What a mess I'm sure that was!! Sophie did a similar trick with diaper rash cream a few times. Good fun to clean up. ;o) Glad you are able to have such a good attitude about it. You're the best!

    I like your January 21st project idea--that's a great one!!

    So glad to hear you made it through the endo well. I've been thinking of you because of that appointment all week.


  2. Meghan,

    Try to use "GOOP" to get the greasy stain out of Eli's sheets. It's in the automotive dept at Walmart...and its really cheap! (comes in a small white, plastic container with blue lettering.. I think is $1.59) My mother in law shared this with me and I use it all the time for stains on my laundry over Shout. It's wonderful!!

    I like your Jan. 21st idea....definately document all the little things...they add up for sure!!

    Stay warm and enjoy some hot cocoa!

    Kati B.

  3. i found on the web that dishwashing soap, like Dawn, can get grease out of clothes just as well as it gets grease off of dishes. since its safe for your hands, its safe for fabric...and i would assume kids' hair. :)


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