Friday, January 22, 2010

More Blessings to Share

We have made a little bit more progress in putting together a plan for Brady's spine. Our pediatrician helped us out and called to speak with the orthopedic doctor that we will be seeing in March. He reviewed Brady's XRAYs before talking with her, and his impressions were that the curve may not be as progressed as the doctor we saw originally thought. As frustrating as this may sound, it really isn't all that significant given that both doctors agree that it will very likely get worse. I guess there is a lot of room for interpretation when reading the XRAYs. I don't get it, but I'll take his word for it. The new doctor also said that he is very glad we made the appointment to come and see him in March rather than wait until July as was originally suggested. He wants to redo XRAYs and discuss options with us then.

In the meantime Matt and I are continuing to reach out to doctors, some even outside of the United States, and try and see what the options are. I won't bore you with specifics, the gist of it is that there isn't a tried and true method for treating a spinal deformity like Brady's. So, we have to figure out the option that shows the most promise...and then we'll step up the prayers!

Tonight I wanted to share another email I received from someone I've never met. She is a fellow triplet mom who belongs to the same online community of Triplet Moms that I do. Her name is Kim and this is what she wrote:

I found out about Brady quite by accident. I did not know about the struggles he was experiencing with walking and I did not know about the CP diagnosis and the concern that your family had over it. I just happened to check the triplet connection that day and saw a post by you. I cant remember exactly what it said but it directed me to Brady's blog. So I went. Brady had just been diagnosed with cancer. From that day forward, I think I checked the blog at least once a day especially when he was undergoing treatments and surgery. Then I can honestly say I checked the blog several times a day.

Brady Boy's journey has changed the way I look at God. Before there was no possibility of God for me. I would not say that I am religious, but I am leaning more toward believing now, than not. At one point, I prayed to God, telling him that if he cured Brady of cancer, I would give God a chance. Well, I know that he's not really considered "cured" until 5 years pass but he doesn't have cancer now and that is good enough for me.

Brady's journey has also helped me to appreciate my kids more during the rough days that we sometimes encounter. I try to step back and tell myself that many people would give anything to be dealing with a frustrating toddler because that would mean their child was still here. I realize that my kids may not always be here. Anything can happen at any time.

I have fully embraced Brady over the past year. I feel a connection to this little boy and I have never met him. He is special to me. I cant put my finger on why. Of course he is brave and all that but he really didn't have a choice. And still every day I check the blog to see what is going on with the family.

Brady you are such a hero and you have touched so many lives!
Thanks Kim for your prayers and your friendship!
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  1. Wow that is awesome Megan! Brady has such an awesome testimony and God has such a special plan for his life and his siblings. I really believe God is raising up this young generation to reach the lost and do things we haven't seen done yet for the Kingdom. Oh this is so exciting! I hate that he had to go through this but I know that good is coming from it and his future is so bright! Love you guys!!

    Your friends from Texas,
    Allison and the Lezonlings

  2. Awesome! God is working through all this, it is plain to see. Prayers continue.

  3. What a beautiful letter Kim wrote. And yes, for some reason Brady has stolen the hearts of so many of us out 'there' in blog world. He has reminded us of the power of prayer and he's reminded us to be grateful for our blessings. Way to go Williams clan!


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