Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scans are Done

Just me checking in at 3pm. We are home from scans. Things took a little bit longer today. Brady had a lot of fluid in his chest when they were extubating him. They ended up having to suction him quite a bit. One of the risks of anesthesia is respitory stress, and I guess one of Brady's lungs collapsed partially. His oxygen levels were low (mid 80s) so he needed help coming out of anesthesia. Of course this delayed them calling us back into the recovery room. I was in a state of panic and was about ready to lose it when they finally came to get us. Instead of 2 hours, it was 3 hours, so you can imagine my fear. I was waiting for an oncologist to show up at any minute and sit me down for some terrible news.

We worked with a wonderful anesthesiologist and Brady did not have any nausea. After about an hour or so he was maintaining a good oxygen level on his own and we could go home. We weren't able to get a urine sample, so I will be working on this at home sometime soon.

I have an email in to the oncologist to check for a preliminary report this afternoon. I'll update ASAP.


  1. Poor Brady Boy, and hugs to you too Moma. I can imagine the thoughts and fear you must've had while waiting. I'm sending prayers for great scan results..and for them to hurry and get them to you so you don't have that anxious, unknown fear while waiting. Praying for peace and strength while you wait. ((HUGS))

  2. praying and praying and praying for little brady......


  3. Praying for clear results and a good night's sleep for Brady boy!

  4. Many prayers are reaching Gods ears this night. Stay strong, Go Brady Boy!

  5. Prayers and hugs to all. You are always on my mind, in my heart with prayers!

    Love, Deb R.


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