Friday, January 15, 2010

A Week in Our Life

This week in our life….

Eli played helicopter wearing his fireman hat that is held together by packing and duct tape.


Allie charmed us all with her cutie smile!


Daddy showed the big kids how to use a drill…

DSC_0203 DSC_0199

My Christmas cactus bloomed for the first time in many years. I think it was a few weeks late quite purposefully, just to make me smile!


Someone got pulled over, arrested, and his car got towed right in front of our house. Instant entertainment for at least 45 minutes…

DSC_0190 DSC_0192

A few days later, we had a massive part of our front yard dug. More free entertainment…Does this count as homeschooling?


The big kids in our house played for hours on end together and have starting saying precious things like, “Brady’s my best buddy!” (said by Eli)



  1. Thanks for the pictures. Your cherubs are so beautiful. I want to come over for hugs!

  2. What a sweet picture of the three of them watching Caliou. Love it! Heather

  3. I just love the pictures of those precious little ones. You are truly blessed, and yes, watching the world outside is truly amazing to little eyes and a break for weary Moms too. Prayers continue for you all. Go Brady, you are God's special miracle and he isn't done with you yet!


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