Monday, January 11, 2010

Time to Tackle Another Issue

First I need to say "Sorry" as I realize that this blog has been lacking pictures lately. I don't know, I guess once the family left town and the Christmas tree came down, I forgot to keep up with taking pictures:( I will get the camera out this week...promise!

Tomorrow is Cara's 3 month post-op appointment with the eye specialist. If you remember she had eye surgery in October to hopefully correct the head tilting she had been doing since about 1 year of age. We were very pleased to see a big improvement right after the surgery and in the month of November. Unfortunately, the head titling has slowly become prominent again. The fact that we saw am improvement right way confirms that this is not just a bad habit. There is something wrong with her vision that leads her to tilt and turn her head when looking into the distance. She only wants to use her right eye.

So tomorrow we go back to the eye doctor to discuss this. Ughh...I really hate the whole "mystery diagnosis" game. I'm praying that he has an explanation for this and a plan to make it better. I do remember him telling me that sometimes the surgery needs to be repeated. Double ughh...Please join us in praying for a resolution to this problem. These are her only eyes for the rest of her life and I really want to get to the bottom of this in the least invasive way possible.

The highlight of the day will be after her appointment. We will be doing "girly things" as Cara calls them. We are going to the mall for a bit and out to lunch. She's so excited, little does she know that I'm even more excited! I LOVE giving her all the one on one attention she deserves and that is hard to come by around here!

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  1. Mystery diagnosis? Now that is my specialty! I know I should have been relieved when Georgia's chromosomal diagnosis came in when she was 20 months old. BUT I knew something was wrong from when she was 6 months old and I was continually told, by every specialist we saw EXCEPT OUR LOCAL DOCTOR (God Bless her!), that Georgia was just 'delayed'.

    Well, I didn't expect her to be one of only two in the world but gee I felt proud that I was right all along and they weren't.

    Prayers for guidance and enlightenment to the Doctor's for Cara's eye visit.

    Got the Brady email drafted in my head. Now just need to put fingers to keyboard to make it happen!


  2. As I head of to the eye doctor with my own child tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. My thought and prayers are with you and your children. Good luck tomorrow!


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