Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Successful Day

Another busy snowy day here in Western New York. It was a day of laundry, Brady's physical, oh yes, and those 4 wild monkeys!

I had to drag sweet Brady out of his crib right in the middle of nap time to get on the road to Rochester. The roads were snowy, but we got there and back by going slowly. Being home most days, I'm not that used to driving in the snow. I'm even less used to wiping the snow off of my car. I was quite glad that my dear husband remembered to put a snowbrush in the van! Brady did great during his appointment. He was far less reserved than ever before and even giggled with our pediatrician a little bit. It is amazing to see him sort of "healing" as he learns to become more and more comfortable around people.
The pediatrician and I discussed Brady's back deformity that is starting and she agreed that perhaps we may want to switch orthopedic doctors to one who deals primarily with pediatric patients. There is another doctor who is affiliated with Strong that we could go see. Our plan is to keep our appointment next week with the doctor we saw a few months ago. I'm interested to see his opinions of things now that something does seem to be happening with Brady's spine. His original thought was that it most likely would happen during adolescence. We'll see what he has to say, and in the meantime make an appointment with the other doctor.
So, here we are. As you all know, Matt and I are willing to go anywhere, see anyone who has the most experience with this type of problem. We have scoured the internet and it is tough to find much of anything related to toddlers who have had 5 level laminectomies. This is an area for prayer right now! We are praying for God's wisdom and direction as we take on this next challenge.

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  1. Megan, God will provide. He didn't bring Brady this far just to take it all away. I know you will find wha tyou seek. My paryers continue for you all daily. Love the prison guard day, too funny. Thanks for the laughs, my grandchildren love your blog and love watching the children grow. This is a good witness of the power of our father in heaven. Keep up the good writing.


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