Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 Days to Go!

Things are coming together for the party! Today had me going to a local farm stand and buying 75 pounds of potatoes. I was wondering if the lady working there was thiking,"That wacky Williams' lady is trying to feed that huge family of hers:)" The weather forecast looks sunny and 85! Yikes! I had better not forget the ice!

My mom and sis took the kids to playgroup today and I headed off to get potatoes, borrow a roaster, and buy shelves. Did I mention we have been giving our living room and dining room a slight rehab? Matt and I always give ourselves home project deadlines when we have parties planned. Certainly adds to the stress level, but also prompts us to work hard and finish projects. Things are almost done...both rooms repainted, pictures hung, shelves in place...if only the piles of toys would find somewhere to go!

We decided to stay home tonight while the family took a trip to Ontario Beach Park. The Williams kids needed a bath in the worst way, laundry had to be done, and we knew it would be an early day tomorrow. Allie has her 9 month check up and Brady has PT, both at 9am. I'm taking Allie, Matt is taking Brady. Then we will both drive home, grab a quick lunch, then off to Seabreeze! The kids have no concept of this place, but all day Brady kept saying, "Mom, Brady ready to go Seabreeze now!" If I remember correctly this was the same boy who last year cried and screamed throughout every ride! We are hoping that he lets his silly side run wild tomorrow:) Last year we carried him on and off every ride, this year...just can't wait to see him walking around!

I hope you are enjoying these summer days!

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  1. Glad you're getting things done and having some fun, too!! We're doing some work on our house these days, too, as we're putting it on the market pretty soon. Wish us luck! ;)



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