Saturday, August 8, 2009

7 More Days!

Woo hoo! A week from today that Brady Bash will be here! Okay, the latest report says 80 degrees, scattered thunderstorms, and 30% chance of rain. Sounds like our whole summer!

AND...our Alex's Lemondade Stand is less than 1 month away! For all of my volunteers and bakers, I will be in touch next week to finalize our plans. One big event at a time.

Perhaps the biggest laugh I had this weekend? I opened my mail today to find....A JURY SUMMONS! I figure it was my time, or someone over there at the county courthouse is a blog reader and read my post bragging about how I have never had jury duty. Either way, my date is August 31 which could possibly tie me up the whole week before our Lemonade Stand. We wouldn't be the Williams family without a little stress now would we?

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. HI Meg,
    You should ask for a postponement. I did when my summons came in June. I was able to put it off until Oct 1. I also have been polled three times so what gives??? I am glad to hear Brady is doing well and we will keep our fingers crossed for great weather this weekend.


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