Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Fun

Due to the weather, we opted out of our usual playgroup today and decided to take a little trip to Brockport. I heard about this place called the Jungle Gym that is an indoor play place for kids ages 1-8. We all had an awesome time playing with different toys, bouncing in the bounce house, and playing in a very cool plastic bead "sand" box. You are allowed to bring your own food, so I packed a lunch and we ate in their party room! I thought that the place was perfect for 2 year olds, and even Allie had a ball. You can check it out at By the way, we paid $12 total ($4 per child, Allie was free) and we could have stayed all day!

I got several lemonade deliveries this week! Woo-hoo! I think my kitchen looks like it belongs in a Country Time commercial!

I'm asking for a lot of prayer this week! I have a truly special little girl that needs your prayers!! Matt's cousin Sumana is a precious little girl adopted from India who has spina bifida. Tomorrow she is having MAJOR surgery to place a corrective device along her spine to help straighten her severe scoliosis. Please pray for Sumama and her family as they face this frightening time. You can read her mom's blog at

And yes, I love the suggestions of telling the lawyers when I arrive for jury duty that I am a very serious and dedicated blogger. I just can't help but put every detail of my life on the blog! Honestly folks, I keep telling Matt that I think jury duty would be a refreshing mental break from life with 4 kids! How sad is that:)


  1. Thanks for your prayers, Megan, AND for sharing our need with your readers. I know God is mighty and hears the prayers of His people. Love to you all!

  2. I'll say a prayer for little Sumama.


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