Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brady Bash Behind Us...

What a day! The party was a really amazing time!!! We had 140+ people!!! It was so very hot today which made setting up tough, but with the help our family, we got everything done.

I think my kids had fun. I honestly didn't see them much at all! Brady was quite reserved from what I saw, but he chatted up a storm once he was safely tucked into his crib tonight. And by the end of the night all I saw was an almost-naked Cara bouncing in the bounce house, having a ball! At one point I tried to pick up Eli and he just said, "DOWN!" and went about his way.

Sadly I have to report that I did not take 1 picture! I was WAY too busy all day. BUT, my wonderful sister-in-law-photographer-extraordinaire took over 200 pictures I think. Once we figure out a way to get them to me, I will share, I promise!

We want to thank the following:

1. Our parents, my brother, sister in law, sister, brother in law, and their families for all of the help setting up, during the party, and afterwards. Couldn't have done it without ALL of you!!!

2. Lynn and Wes for coming early, helping set up, holding babies, and for helping with food!

3. Keith and Karen Ogles for donating the use of their super-cool bounce house. I think this was the big hit of the party.

4. The terrific clown that came. She did the best face painting I've ever seen. (Her name has totally escaped me...thanks mom for "inviting" her!)

5. My friends Niki and Robin for letting me borrow their roasters!

6. Jen Kirkum for the 125 fabulous cupcakes!

7. Vanessa Zeches for the adorable gifts for the kids!

8. The Della Penna family for the terrific bubble bucket!

9. Paige Landers for coloring that beautiful picture for the kids.

10. The Peters and Egan families for the gorgeous flowers.

EVERYONE who came and brought items for the Ronald Mc Donald House. We collected over 25 grocery bags full of food items!!! We are so grateful that everyone joined us in giving back to this wonderful organization:)

Thank you for celebrating Brady's journey and his life. I'm sure that God was smiling down on us today as we gathered to celebrate the miracles He has performed in our Brady's life.


  1. Wow that sounds so awesome, wish we could have been there! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Meg, What a great day it was. We enjoyed watching everyone have a great time and the bounce house was a hit! Cara totally loved it. Thanks for being such a great host, loving mom, thoughtful wife, and courageous woman! See you soon---God Bless, Heather, Brian and Paige

  3. thank you ! thank you! we had a was so good to see all the kids playing and having a great time even though it was HOT HOT HOT!!!...the food was super, your home is so adorable, the candy bar - emily's favorite, the "cars" to drive in the driveway - jake's favorite, the sand and rice...both big hits, and for me seeing the miracle boy and his family have a great party was priceless. God is faithful.

    Brady seemed happy to just play at his rice table for a while until he was comfortable and then he headed out to explore...Eli was just everywhere, and Cara was such a pretty little girl in her party dress. Allie was only happy if Matt's dad was pulling her in the wagon train for a while there...i think it was because she got a breeze when he was moving:)

    btw- your mom looks great. she is a miracle too!

  4. We had a BLAST at the big bash! It was the most fun party for kids we've ever been to!! Great job and thanks so much for inviting us. :o)



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