Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jam Packed Day

I have to start off by sharing the BEST picture. I heard Allie stirring in her crib this morning and I decided to grab the camera before I went in to get her up. I'm SO glad I did. Check out what I saw when I entered her about starting your day off with a smile!

Of course I had Matt lower the crib tonight since she is standing all the time now!

Today was one of those ideal summer days. Humidity was low, lots of sun, a few clouds, nice breeze...just perfect! We started the day at playgroup, then grabbed lunch at the Mc Donald's Drive Thru and headed to the Elba park. It was kind of a strange visit to the park. We had just unloaded the kids and mom and I were setting up our picnic blanket when we saw a government type van full of inmates pull up directly next to us. Before we could even blink, the inmates were out of the van and were busy working in the park setting up for a festival this weekend. So, the Williams family had a picnic and played on the playground right next to the inmates...hey, why not?

This afternoon our wonderful neighbor dropped off 4 balloons and a gift certificate for ice cream to celebrate Brady's good scan report! Have I ever mentioned how much I love living in a small town? So many very thoughtful and amazing people (thanks Janet!)

Tonight Matt's Aunt and Uncle from Texas were here for dinner. The kids were so social with them and had fun staying up a little late. Brady LOVED having a brownie after dinner!

Tomorrow is our big appointment with the new oncologist. He will be going over the radiology reports, blood, and urine tests. We are praying for a completely great report! We also need to discuss our plan for monitoring things from here. We need to decide on a scanning schedule, either every 3 or six months. Please pray that we will establish a good relationship with this doctor and have peace of mind entrusting Brady's care to him.

Brady Bash in 10 days!!!


  1. God be with you tomorrow. Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Fun stuff. Good luck tomorrow!


  3. I love the pictures.. the kids look great!


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