Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothing Much Friday

You know that summer is almost over when you buy milk and it doesn't expire until September! The Williams family has a pretty quiet weekend and that should give us a chance to catch up on things around here.

We didn't even get outside today and it turned out to be a pretty nice day. The kids and I had a long, but fun day together while Matt was in a golf tournament. I took a few pictures, as promised!

Eli, Cara, and Brady wanted to help me go and get Allison after her morning nap. I went to turn on her light, turned around, and here is what I saw...

They climbed right up and started talking to her! Don't worry, Brady did climb up and hold himself up there right after I took this picture. Allie LOVED all of this attention and was squealing. Can you imagine this type of wake up call?

Later in the day I couldn't find Cara, so I went looking for her in some of her favorite "hide outs." Eventually I found her in the living room, remote in hand (a no no in our house), and with a diaper on her head. Earlier in the day we had made a hat out of a clean diaper and took turns wearing it. I guess she wanted to play that game again and also look for some trouble while doing so. I couldn't possibly scold her while she looked like this. Coincidentally, this is also a great head-tilt picture for the eye doctor (she is looking about 8 feet away at the tv)

The kids had me laughing all day because they kept talking about Mugsy the clown (the wonderful lady who came to the Brady Bash). After a while I started calling each of them Mugsy instead of their name. They just giggled and giggled as I said, "Come on Mugsy, time for lunch." Later in the day, I told Cara, "Stop throwing toys Cara" and she quickly replied, "No mommy, Mugsy stop throwing toys!" Ha!

Happy weekend!


  1. Well... I love the pictures and stories... those beautiful babies always put a smile on my face. I'm sorry mark and I could not make the celebration but you were in our thougths and prayers... trying to just catch up with lots of things. It sounds like a great time!!! I will be donating a lemon pound cake for the lemonade stand to add to your list. If there is anything else you need, let me know...

    Take care. God Bless. Thanks for sharing those beautiful children on your blog.

  2. Cute stuff. :o) Glad you had a nice day together..


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