Saturday, August 29, 2009

Splash Lagoon

We're back! Our trip was only 24 hours, but we packed a lot of fun into 1 day:)
Matt and I both agree that the hotel was as much fun for the kids as the water park. When we arrived we were told that we got upgraded to a larger suite because they didn't want to squeeze our 3 requested pack and plays into the room we bought. Okay...we'll take an upgrade! Our room was seriously half the size of the downstairs of our house! Of course I didn't get pictures before we trashed the place, but here are a few shots inlcuding the kids, wagon, and ALL of our stuff:

Yes...that is a flat screen and fireplace...oooo-la-la!

The kids' sleeping area

Totaly not child-proofed

Cara calling roomservice!

We had a first floor room just steps from the Splash Lagoon. We used the choo choo wagon to take the kids back and forth and it worked out great. For dinner Friday and Lunch Saturday, we came back to the hotel and used their dining area. It was less crowded, less noisy, and had 3 highchairs! We bought dinner Friday and I had packed a lunch for Saturday. So with a free hotel breakfast, we only spent $20 on food (lunch Friday!). I was also able to sell the 4 extra passes we had since the kids got in free because they were 2. This gave us $60 back off of the cost of our trip...woo-hoo!

I really liked Splash Lagoon. The place is hot and loud, but crowds were light and the place was clean. For our kids there was really only one area we could be in. It was a large wading pool with several spray areas for the kids to explore. There were also 3 little water slides, one of which our kids could handle. Matt and I were outnumbered by 1, so we couldn't go in the larger pools, hot tubs, or bigger slides. That was okay though, the kids had a great time playing in the spray pool area and on this pad that squirted water from several floor holes!

Brady was definitely the most reluctant in the water. I still think his insecurity about his balance causes him to be clingy and not have as much fun. He did let go a few times and enjoy himself. Surprisingly, the liked the slide the most---and they really flew down that thing!

Stay tuned until tomorrow...I'll post more pictures:) A great time with our great kids...


  1. I am sooo glad that you had a great time! I love looking at the pictures.

  2. So glad you all had a great time! God really provided for you with all those savings and a room upgrade. He makes sure his chldren are cared for in every way. Prayers continue.

  3. Sounds like a blast!! Glad you were able to get an upgrade on the room. I was wondering how you'd fit all the beds. There have been some rooms in which we've been hard-pressed to fit even one pack-n-play and still have room to walk comfortably.


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