Friday, August 14, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day!

First, some great pictures of Seabreeze!

Brady splashing!

The only shot of Eli in the water that I have! He NEVER stopped moving!

This girl was a wild water baby!

The girls, Allie and Natalie, destined to be buddies!

It took Brady a while to warm up to the idea, but he LOVED riding the carousel!

Cara with cousin Evan (thanks for riding the kiddie rides with the triplets Evan!!)

Cousin Aubrey and Eli in his ever-present red sunglasses and striped hat!

Cara giving Auntie Lissa a big SMOOCH!

My pretty girl...

How's my hair Aubrey?

This picture is one of my favorites of summer! My two amazing boys...

Sweet Brady

Okay, this next picture deserves an explanation. You'll notice Eli is crying his little heart out. It went something like this.
Eli and Brady are riding next to each other in a boat, each has their own steering wheel in front of them.
For some reason, Eli doesn't see his steering wheel (the round thing directly in front of him!) so he proceeds to push Brady over and reach for his.
Brady (being the ever-so-willing-to-share-boy-that-he-is) says "NO NO ELI" and pushes him.
Eli continues trying to scoot over.
Brady hits Eli, Eli starts WAILING!
The entire crowd surrounding the ride (including everyone in my family) are trying to yell and motion to Eli that he has his own steering wheel!
Meanwhile, Brady continues to push and smack Eli, now Brady starts wailing too!
Finally, with both boys screaming and pushing, the ride operator stops the ride and makes everyone get off.
I was laughing so hard that my sides hurt! I think the other parents weren't as amused!

We had a wonderful day for sure! Matt and I spent much of the ride home talking about how grateful we were that Brady was there, walking, riding, splashing, laughing, climbing stairs, and just being his Brady-self. I had several of those moments I'm always talking about...being the only mom crying behind her sunglasses watching my kid ride the carousel, or splash with his grandma in the water. Nothing makes my heart happier than to see Brady enjoying the life that God has so graciously given him.

Which brings me to...


It's here! The tent is up, chairs are set up, food is prepped...WE ARE READY TO PARTY!

CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL HERE! A few have asked about parking. Parking is available on Drake Street and Irving Parkway. You can also park at the Little League Park or the Town Hall Parking Lot just 2 doors down.


  1. Yeah! we will be there with bells on!!! Back to the parking i would prefer to park on park place russ prefers boardwalk and do we all collect $200 when it's time to go??? lol

    Collin is thrilled but will probably shy away at first. He finally gets to meet the one he prays for three times a day face to face. WOW:) He will probably say something like this, "Jesus take your cancer away?" and brady will think huh? lol

  2. Yay! Have a wonderful day full of fun and great memories!!! Great pics BTW!

  3. Great photos. The one of the boys is so cute! Have fun tomorrow!!!!! Will be thinking of you guys...even though we are so far away!

  4. If it wasn't so far from Australia to your place, our family of four would be there with bells on to rejoice.

    Congratulations on your journey thus far and just remember, you are the best advocate for your child and never be scared to question, disagree, not co-operate or yell. A Mum's instinct is rarely wrong. I know that from experience.

    God bless you all.

  5. These are some great pictures. I must admit that you brought tears to my eyes will reading your blog entry. I am so glad that you all have been able to have such fun family moments.

    Happy Brady Bash!


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