Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking Back

As we wrap up this busy week, say goodbye to my sister and family, and look ahead at the last few weeks of summer, I wanted to share 2 pictures of Brady comparing how he looked 4 months ago compared to now.

Perhaps the only difference you see is his hair. But to me, I see so much more strength in the 2nd picture. First of all he is standing in picture #2, his posture is so much straighter, and he just looks like a big boy to me. I think it is so amazing to look back and think of how far he has come. Doing so just causes me to stop, be amazed by what God can do, and instantly I am filled with hope to overcome trials that may come my way.

Brady and I will go to PT in the morning, then he will have a PT vacation until after Labor Day. He will miss Linda and all the fun he has at PT, but not driving to Rochester twice a week will be a nice break.

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday!


  1. same beautiful smile:)

  2. wow! can't believe the difference:0) i don't think collin thinks its the same person when i showed him lol. whys he got hair, whys he not have hair? Collin its brady in both pics...look. must be a BIG difference.

    Praise the Lord.


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