Monday, August 3, 2009

Jury Duty, Playground, and Party Supplies!

Matt had jury duty, again. I think he has been summoned somewhere around 4 times since I've known him, while I never have. So after a whole day of sitting and waiting, he was not chosen for the jury. Whew! He had a whole, "my kid has cancer and we have a very important appointment on Thursday" speech prepared, which he did not have to give.

After dinner we went to check out the new community playground. It is was nice, but made of metal. I SO prefer the heavy duty plastic ones. They are much easier on toddlers, especially on Brady boy. They haven't yet filled in the gravel underneath, so was quite a reach to get to the bottom step. Brady, with his determined spirit, got on his belly and wriggled up onto the step using his tippy toes and a whole lot of upperbody strength...Hooray! The kids had a great time and then Matt and I realized how dirty toddlers become when playing on a playground with gravel underneath. That meant baths on an otherwise "no bath" night. No big deal perhaps, but bathing three tired, at time defiant toddlers, is most often an exhausting chore. Luckily I had Allie duty...hee hee, sorry Matt:(

After baths I headed up to Batavia and stocked up on party supplies. I'm getting so excited for this Brady Bash! Less than 2 weeks away!

Some pictures from our day...

My three scholars who have learned their ABCs. I call out a letter and they put their marshmallows over the letter! So amazing...

Eli put his "friends" on the naught spot mat. He even had them come up and say "Sorry Mommy" afterward. Ha!

Look at that big boy on his tippy toes! Go Brady!

Brady kept giving us this sly "Look at Me" smile!

Mr. Cool Eli

Pretty Girl

Sassy girl

Sweetie Pie!

And one more just to make you smile...



  1. That is so great that they know their letters! I have to get working on that:) great pictures!

  2. How wonderful that Brady is pulling up and using his upper body to compensate. Yeah for him (and you!)
    Holy cow! That is fantastic that they know their letters! Well done mama!

  3. they are all so precious! and their ABC's...seriously! you go mom!

  4. I had sent an email about the playground to the town. It seems so unsafe. There are kids that go unsupervised and I worry they will get hurt on those stones. I hope they fill it in really soon.

  5. Eli putting his friends on the naughty mat is awesome. Adorable. :0)



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