Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great Appointment Today!

We just got back from our appointment with the new oncologist and I wanted to quickly type an update.

Everything from the scans looks great! There is a small piece of residual tumor that hasn't changed since the last scans. All other areas that were "out of the ordinary" we assume are post-surgical changes. His HVA and VMA are both 12 (down from 151 and 87 originally!). HVA is well within normal, and VMA is just one point above normal and we expect that it will come down further. These are the Neuroblastoma markers that show up in urine. His blood levels are all back to normal.

We covered a lot of things during the appointment. The new doctor feels it is important to scan every three months for the first year, and then every 6 months for the next 4 years. So our next set of scans will be in mid-late October. We are going to set up an appointment with a neurosurgeon at Strong in the coming weeks. Brady's first surgery, the laminectomy, puts him at high risk for spinal instability (outward curving of the spine--think hump back!) Obviously this is a huge concern and we want to establish a baseline and have this monitored closely as he grows.

We both felt very good about the new doctor. He obviously knew why we were there and that we had been with another doctor whom he works closely with. I appreciated that he asked us what he could do to meet our needs. I'm sure we have a reputation now, but at least now we feel like someone is on top of Brady's care. He already has submitted the requisition for October's scans. I love that type of efficiency!

Thank you for praying, now we get to praise! God is good!


  1. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!
    I like the scan plan; it is just what is needed when dealing with cancer. Your new doctor sounds like a good fit.
    If you have a reputation at Strong, it is that you are parents who want to know what is going on. I am sure that you are not difficult and hard to work with.
    Our prayers today can be thankful!

  2. That must be a weight off your shoulders to have all the information in. So happy that Brady is doing well.


  4. Wonderful news!!!!

  5. This is the best news I have heard in a while!!!

  6. Yea yea yea! i'm so glad to have checked the blog early what a pleasant way to finish the rest of my day. Much love to you Brady, we celebrate you everyday and you have no clue. God can take care of hump back and anything else...if he can raise the dead, make the deaf hear and the blind speak, and the mute talk, how can we not believe his spine to grow straight? It is done, in Jesus' name:) thanks for sharing so quickly.

  7. Woohoo! God is so good!!! That is awesome news Matt & Megan. Your Brady bash will be a terrific celebration of all that Brady has accomplished, and of all the Good that God has given. Go Brady!!!

  8. Thanks be to God! What wonderful news!!

    I think it is great if you all have gotten a reputation! A reputation that you are strong advocates for your child!! And I am thrilled for you that this new doctor seems to really be on top of things! What a blessing!

  9. What a great day!! I'm thrilled things went so well with the new doctor and Brady continues to do better and better! :o)



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