Sunday, August 30, 2009

Splash Lagoon Part 2

The end of another weekend. Can you believe that the lemonade stand is less than a week away? Yikes, I've got work to do! The weather looks a little questionable...we'll see! There's no rule that says you can't drink lemonade in the rain right?

As promised here are more pictures from our Splash Lagoon adventure!

On our way to the Lagoon in our wagon! Thank goodness the wagon has drainage holes:) Oops..I just realized this is the picture that shows Eli and Cara in tears---we had to pass by a big parrot to get into Splash Lagoon. Every time we did, the parrot squawked at them really loud. They went into hysterics every time, Brady on the other hand, liked the bird!

Cara testing the waters!

Brady taking a break on the edge of the pool. He needed to have a little frown time!

Brady playing on the splash pad!

Cara kept trying to sit on the water!

Eli showing off his breakfast

Cara Kathleen

On the way home...zzzzzzz....

Until our next adventure...


  1. That last picture is so precious....almost worth having triplets for!


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