Friday, August 7, 2009

8 More Days!

Can't believe the Brady Bash is just over a week away! I'm checking the long range forecast like a crazy-woman! Right now we have a chance of thunderstorms and temps around 80. By next week it will be sunny skies all the way!

Our day was long, and the moods in our house were all over the place. Earlier in the day we had our friend Lisa come over to do haircuts. Brady was a grumpy boy for most of the day. Yikes, that boy did not want to have his haircut! In the end all hairs were cut and tears were shed, but we got it done (Thanks Lisa!)

I got the great idea that we should head over to Elba for the Onion Festival Parade. Yes (to our out of town/country readers) we have a festival nearby that celebrates the onion. We ran late getting there and had to park three or four grass-up-to-my-calves-fields back and then haul the choo choo with three 25-30 pound kids back through the grassy fields just to get to the festival. The parade was fine, the kids had fun, but then I had to walk back through the fields to get to my van, only to wait 45 minutes to get back to the kids who were patiently waiting with grandma. I hope the kids had fun! Did I mention Matt stayed home and played with Allie? The balloon vendor did give the kids three free huge balloons after the parade, which they loved!

Here is a picture of Brady during the parade. This shot pretty much sums up his general mood today!

And just because I don't want to leave you with that sour is a cute shot of the kids from Thursday night. Allie is such a big girl riding in the wagon!

Tomorrow we are off to celebrate Matt's Grandma's 90th birthday! Happy birthday Grandma Tony:)

And happy weekend everyone!

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