Saturday, August 1, 2009

Switching to Party Planning Mode!

Well the yard sale is over! My body is thankful and the rest of me is too! I have been joking all weekend with my friend that she made a man out of me with all the hauling of tables we did! It was hard work, but I love the idea that with some hard work you can make money! We were blessed to have had a great sale...Brady Bash here we come!

The kids had a great afternoon splashing in a little pool and running in the sprinkler. I got this great idea that we could put their small slide so that you slide down into the pool. This was an awesome idea until the kids started landing on their backs at the bottom of the slide, getting water in their noses and totally freaking them out! It also occurred to me that perhaps they aren't for such adventure when Eli flew off the side of the slide and kind of got clotheslined by the edge of the hard plastic pool...ouch! Sorry kids...

Here are some pictures...

Eli just LOVED the sprinkler!

Notice Brady is not in the pictures. He woke up from his nap on the wrong side of the Brady bed!

Mommy's Big Idea!! But it is an awesome action shot!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Love the action shot:) I would totally have done that with the slide too:)

  2. Pictures are great! I am glad Brady did so well on Thursday. Good to hear you did so well at your sale. I continue to pray for you all daily and know that God is guiding you all in the difficult paths you must walk daily. Brady is a fighter and God will use him in mighty ways. Take care.


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