Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm a Workin Mamma!

I'm feeling like a working mommy these past few days! I have been out of my house more yesterday and today than I have in a LONG time! I miss my kiddos and dare I say my "routine?"

Yard sale day 1 was AMAZING! My friend and I have done SO much work for this sale, we had truckloads of things, and we did GREAT! We feel so blessed to be able to make money for our families with just a little elbow grease and time! I'm using our proceeds to throw an awesome party on August the way, it's not to late to RSVP to :)

Tomorrow is our 2nd and last day of the sale. I went around and collected 3 more big bins of things to sell. Woo-hoo! Decluttering is a great feeling!

Brady boy is doing very well. He had a fun day with Grandma Sandy (thank you Sandy!!!) and the few times I saw him he looked tired, a little puffy, but happy! We didn't hear anything from Strong today, I'm still quite sure we will be waiting until our appt next Thursday.

Thank you all for your prayers for us this week. I'm so glad that God doesn't grow tired of hearing prayers for Brady! 4 hours of anesthesia is quite a big deal for my little man, and no matter how often he will have to endure it in the next years, it is still a big deal for us. Thank you for staying on our prayer team!!

I'm off to bed with sore feet, a happy heart, and Sharpie marker all over me!

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