Friday, July 17, 2009

The Potty Blog

I certainly don't want this to turn into the "potty blog" but I have to say that amazing things are happening on that potty! Today's score:
Cara: 2 pees, 2 poops
Brady: 1 pee
Eli: 0 pees, 0 poops, 1 snack eaten very slowly while sitting on the potty

I'm not trying to train them at all. They are asking, so I put them on. Cara seems to be able to go on demand. All are still going in their diapers as well. I think it is just a fad with the boys, but I'm wondering if Cara is ready for it. I can tell you that one of the funniest things I have ever experienced is watching three two year olds watching each other go the potty. The commentary is hilarious!!!

No word from Strong about a scan date. I had this sinking feeling know, the what if feeling. While checking out party supplies for the Brady Bash I started asking myself, "What if the scans show something, and we have this big celebration planned...what then?" Those feelings bugged me, nagged at me, all while I was out. On my way home I stopped at Benders and found a book I'd been looking for. It is the follow up book to "When God and Cancer Meet" by Lynn Eib. This book is called "Finding the Light in Cancer's Shadow." The first book is more people dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, and the second is for people done with their treatment. I've only read a few pages, but she likens surviving cancer with driving on black ice. You had completely lost control, not knowing if you would ever stop, but you did. Now you have to keep driving, but you are scared out of your mind that you will loose control and hit the black ice again. That is EXACTLY what I feel like! I haven't gotten to the good stuff yet, the "how to" handle all of these feelings chapters, but when I do, I'll share! I'm just so relieved to read a book by a Christian who acknowledges that the "after" of cancer can be just as terrifying as the going through it stage.

We will be here August 15th...we are celebrating Brady...come what may!


  1. Exciting news about the potty! Way to go Cara!! My philosophy on it is to just let each kid do it whenever they're ready. I tried to "teach" Jack a little for a while early on and it just wasn't as effective. They do it practically on their own when they're ready, I think. Cool that Cara's so interested and "good at it." ;) I can't believe she's already pooping. That was a huge step with Jack, and Soph still isn't there yet even though she's been (inconsistently) peeing on the potty for a few months. Will my children hate me for putting this information on the internet when they're older???


  2. I am so excited that Cara is going potty!!!!! I would think if she is trying to go, then she is ready! Boys will follow her lead! YEAH!!!! Be brave my friend, there is no mountain you can't climb. Miss you!!!!

  3. too cute, russ and i are laughing about the commentary you refer to. i totally understand even not going through cancer w/ anyone that you would feel this way. it's human nature i think. we fear anything unknown...we fear things crashing in on our dreams, some of us fear that just our daily activities will get interrupted and then we have to CHANGE!!!! AH!!

    We all want to be comfortable and never be stretched and pushed out of that zone...BUT you are not w/o hope or w/o your savior. i studied about job hundreds of times as my husband suffered in poor health and chronic pain, and one thing that stuck w/ me was that even when all job had left was his health that eventually was taken too and his wife said, curse god and die! he was alone, stricken, but the study said that in the end all that mattered was God ALONE!!!!

    Rest in His arms in the nights to follow, and when Brady whimpers, whines, and is him through it. It may be nothing:) and remember he has had lots of strangers demanding, poking, taking him away from his security...lots of pain, messed up routines...he has every right to demand more attention and take a little longer in being clingy!!

    You and Matt have done everything right, when those firey darts come at your mind, put the worship and praise music on loud to drown it out...your kids need to hear it too!

    Aren't you glad you don't face this w/o His grace???

    love you...We will still party...we celebrate his life and what God has done and IS continuing to do:)

  4. Summer is a great time to introduce kids to the potty because you don't have all those bulky winter clothes to sort out before they can get on the potty. The boys will catch on in their own good time. Girls are always first when it comes to being reliably dry, it's something to do with the "plumbing" as they can hold on for longer than boys. You sound to me as though you are such a brave person but it doesn't do any harm to let go of your emotions sometimes. Hugs and prayers for you all from the UK. Pam xx

  5. Yeah for potty training! It is amazing how girls train so much faster than boys. I say go for it with Cara! I am in the process of potty training my 2 year old too and I cannot imagine attempting potty training 3 2 year olds!! WOW! I like your philosophy of "not really potty training". It totally takes the pressure off. Oh and I found with my boy (Cooper) that being naked helps him go on the potty more frequently. He doesn't mind being wet so the pull ups don't really work for him! Good luck!

  6. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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