Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Facing Tomorrow

Thank goodness for this garage sale! I've been a busy girl in preparation for the big sale, so it has been a great distraction!

Tomorrow is scan day. Not sure why I insist on getting all worked up as we probably won't even know the results until our appointment with the new doctor next Thursday. I'm assuming if anything is glaringly wrong, then we will be notified. I'm sure Matt will try and find a way to get the radiology report before then!

I'm still plugging my way through the book, "Finding Light in Cancer's Shadow." I came across a great thought while reading tonight. Author Lynn Eib is discussing the fear and paranoia that come with being a survivor, or in my case a mom of a survivor. She says, "You may not be able to completely cancel your membership to Club Paranoia, but you don't have to be a card-carrying member every day!" I love it! Although this week I feel like the president of that club, I know that in time, I will learn to live with these feelings and manage them better. She also reminded me that it is okay to be vigilant, and on top of makes us smart, not paranoid! I think I have a foot in both of those camps though!

So, tomorrow we will leave here by 8am, PT at 9am, to Strong by 11:30am, scans at 12:30am, hopefully home in the late afternoon. I did hear from the NP today who got a call from radiology. You'll remember that Matt and I had several specific requests, one of which being that they just use MRI in order to limit Brady's radiation exposure. I guess the radiology department feels that at CT scan in addition to the MRI is warranted in order to get a good view of the chest. You'll remember that Sloan told us that an MRI would be fine. I guess we have some things to discuss with radiology tomorrow. Perhaps we will go with both scans this time since we are not that far "out of the woods" yet.

Please be praying:
-For Brady as he can't eat or drink until after the scans. He LOVES breakfast and it is so hard to watch him be hungry and not understand why we won't feed him
-For Brady's comfort. These are the first scans since his Broviac was taken out, so he will need to have an IV
-For wisdom and precision of nurses, anesthesiologists, radiologist working with Brady
-For peace and comfort for Matt and I as we keep Brady company and then wait...

We appreciate your love and support more than you know!


  1. Prayers will be with you all day tomorrow. When you are done, go directly to Tim Horton's and buy Brady the donut of his choice.

  2. have you heard of this before- when we were 1st at Strong with Cameron in February, the nurse who did his first iv put a numbing cream all over his arm. He, of course, still got upset when they did it. That iv got pulled out a few hours later so they had to do a new one. A different nurse did it, one we knew and loved from the NICU. She didn't use the numbing cream because she said something to the effect of the cream makes the veins shrink down which makes them harder to find and keep iv's in. Something to consider for future iv's...

    :) karen

  3. OMG! look at his hair!! I can't believe it, it looks so cute! So good to see him accomplishing so many new things, Go Brady:)

    Maybe we should all go w/o breakfast to remind us of what he feels. I'm game, and we'll definately be praying.

    Enjoy your time ALONE W/HIM LOL

  4. Thinking of you guys each and everyday as you navigate this path... especially days like today! I'll talk to you soon. Love you Meg - Jen Hand

  5. It's five minutes to 10am on Thursday and I just said some prayers for all of you. You're in my thoughts. Love you.


  6. Many prayers today for a smooth procedure and for only good results! You've all come a long way and I'm wishing for only GREAT things ahead for your beautiful family! Good luck at your garage sale this weekend. I have a feeling the great weather will bring LOTS of people out to shop! Love and friendship! Ellen, Matt, Alli & Griff


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