Monday, July 13, 2009

Bye Bye Binkies

So we did it. Matt and I (well Matt did it really) decided that Friday was the day that our two "binky lovin two year olds" should kick the habit and grow up! Eli and Cara have had binkies since forever, but only ever use them in their cribs. Brady doesn't use one, but he certainly loves to bite his blankie! I never really cared much because it kept the noise level down at nighttime. We always said that when they turned two those things would be gone. Unfortunately their second birthday coincided with Brady's surgery time and we were gone quite a bit and things were so chaotic. I didn't want to change things for them during such an unsettled time, so the binkies remained. All of a sudden Friday night Matt got out the scissors and just cut the ends off! I truly was heartbroken inside, but knew my husband had just bravely done what I never would have had the courage to do (I'm sounding kind of dramatic, huh?)

The best part of Matt's plan was that he quickly claimed the baby at bedtime leaving me to put Eli, Cara, and Brady to bed...BINKY-LESS! I mustered up all of my creativity and started telling them this ridiculous story about the binky fairy while I brushed their teeth. I told them that now that they are two, the binky fairy came to our house and cut their binkies because they are big kids now. And if they go to sleep all night without their binkies, the binky fairy would leave them a present. They listened with wide-eyes and thought the story was so funny! I recommend these types of stories to parents like me, who in no way want to take responsibility for doing something like this to their children!

Then...I put them in their cribs......

Eli instantly started searching for that binky like a crazy man! He found it, put the stubby little thing to his mouth, and it fell down. He picked it up and realized it had been "broken"..."Mommy fix it?" Cara did the same thing and replied in the same way. I kept reassuring them that they are big kids now, and that they still have all their "friends" (meaning 3 baby dolls, a Care Bear, a Snuffleupagus, a little Snuffy, a Mickey Mouse, a Minnie Mouse, and of course Dog) to snuggle with in their beds. I reminded them of their presents in the morning, all while hoping that I could scrape up 3 "presents" that would appeal to them after they went to bed!

The crying started at 8pm and lasted 3/4 of the way through Paul Blart, Mall Cop. Matt and I decided we would wait it out while watching a movie. They finally fell asleep, and to their surprise in the morning they each got a surprise. Luckily I found a helicopter I had gotten for $1 at a garage sale last week, an unopened ABC puzzle, and a bridge for our train table that I had taken away from them 6 months ago all in my basement. They were thrilled!!!

They are getting better each time they go to sleep. Mommy is sad...and proud!!!

On a more serious note, I emailed the oncologist at Strong today and am waiting to hear back. We have asked that the scans be done here, as well as blood work and urine testing. We also asked that they follow the procedures that Sloan was going to use (MRI only, no intubation, and propofol for anesthesia). We will be sending the scans to Sloan for review each time as well. I'm praying that we hear back quickly from them. I need some positive feedback that we have made the right choice!

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  1. Way to go on the binkie-removal! I am dreading the day I have to do it, but I know it is coming soon. I know if I tried to tell them a story about a binkie fairy right now they would have no idea what I was talking about!

  2. Wow! Good work, Meg and Matt! Taking things away as the kids age is really hard but often necessary. At the time, it's no fun for anyone. Great idea about the Binky Fairy--how cute! Nice job finding those prizes, too. :o)

    Good job with the Brady health planning. I think it is a solid, well-thought out plan that will serve you all well.


  3. oh I know how sad it is to get rid of binkies and ba bas, and diapers, and HI-CHAIRS. We just got rid of Collin hi-chair. he screamed each time he saw it out at the road lol! Nani put it out the back door bf garbage day and it left w/o a hitch and haven't heard any complaint and its been two weeks.

    I miss hearing the diapers crunching as he walks down the hallway, cuddling w/binkie at bedtime, especially knowing he's my last, yet there are always new ways to bond:) they'll always be our babies even when they are old.


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