Saturday, July 18, 2009

Triplets, Triplets Everywhere!

Today the family traveled to the annual Rochester Area Triplet Group Picnic! We have a dinner group of triplet moms that meet once a month for dinner. I have been going for about two years now and love getting to know other moms in the same crazy boat that I'm in! So many of these moms have been wonderful to our family during Brady's illness...truly they all are wonderful people! Today 8 families of triplets met to enjoy some fun. As one of the other moms said, "It's great to be among so many families with triplets, we don't stick out so much!"
Here are some great pictures:
All 8 sets of triplets and their siblings. Our crew is on the right'll notice Cara's head tilt!
The bounce house was there. This is the one that will also be appearing at Brady Bash 2009! Woo hoo!

Pretty girl...

Cutie pie Eli!
Daddy and Brady in the bouncehouse. Brady was a little too intimidated to jump!

We commented all day how much more fun we had this year compared to last year. Brady was crawling in the grass last year...this year he played just like all the other kids!
Oh yes, and one more change since last year....
Allie!!! She was crawling off the blanket going after scraps of food!!!


  1. Allie's smile reminds me so much of my own daughter's smile at that age. She's now 6. It's amazing how fast they change and grow.

  2. that looks like so much fun! I love the picture of all the triplets!!!

  3. Beautiful kids! That last picture of Allie is so cute, but beware I can see the mischievousness in her eyes. Thank you for sharing. Our prayers continue daily for God's will and way in your lives. Brady will go on to do great things, go Brady!!

  4. So cute!! Looks like you had a great time! What a wonderful blessing that you have the support of other moms and families that are living life with multiples too!! What a gift!!


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