Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer is for...

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Summer is for smiles

Summer is for ice cream!

Hey brother, can I have a scoop?

Summer is for walks to the park

Summer is for exploring...

and conquering new things!

This summer is for thinking about how far we've come
and looking ahead to many summers we'll share...


  1. Beautiful children :)

  2. Perfect lil family! Thank you for the pics it makes my day:)

  3. Beautiful pictures! It is so good to see Brady walking on his own, just like any other two year old. How far he has come in these last 7 months. Thank you for sharing this journey. I give God all the glory for the healing he is giving Brady, as I now you do daily. Our prayers continue daily.

  4. Just adorable. Sophie says, "Aww, Cara my fwend."

  5. cute pics and May God continue to let summer, fall, winter, spring all be....whatever you like them to be....we continue to pray for and with you----heather


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