Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Laugh a Minute

Two year olds...they are hilarious! Amidst the whining and fighting, they say the most amazingly funny things! A few quotes heard in our house lately:

Eli: "Daddy's a guy. Mommy's a lady. Eli's a....a kid!"

Cara: Mommy says,"Cara, let's go do your hair." Cara says,"Ok, let's!"

Brady: As I come down the stairs tonight in a dress (I was going to Calling Hours for my Aunt's sister), "Oooo, mommy go to the grocery store. BUY DONUTS!" Apparently if I am not in my typical mommy clothes, then of course I must be going to the grocery store!

Then there are the sweet things that two year olds say. I love that they are picking up on manners and being so loving.

Eli: As he puckers up for a kiss, "Lots of kisses today mommy!"

Eli: Every night during dinner he says, "Good dinner mommy!"

Cara: "I love you mommy. Mommy pretty!" She says that even when I'm in pjs!

Brady: "MOMMY, open the door please mommy!"

I called Strong again today and left a message in the CT department. They called back while I was at an appointment this afternoon! I'm so frustrated yet again that we are hunting down an appointment. The message on my machine says,"Mrs. Williams I have information for you, but not an answer. Please call me back." I'm already annoyed! I think it is time for very-stern-on-the-verge-of-rude Mrs. Williams to get on the phone tomorrow. Why must things be so difficult. He needs an appointment, make it already!!!

Please keep sweet Brady in your prayers! We are off to PT tomorrow. He has come so far, but still needs to overcome quite a few skill deficits. We are working very hard on conquering stairs, strength, balance, and more age appropriate skills. The PT and I have been discussing how it is difficult to know what he will be able to overcome and what may be permanent damage. With the type of spinal cord "injury" that he had, only time will tell! We are over the moon that he is walking, but I guess we need to really focus on getting him even better at it! Go Brady!!!


  1. That is so cute all the stuff they say. Mine are just now starting to talk, it's so funny to hear what their voices sound like. :) I'll be praying for Brady tomorrow and go ahead and get stern with those Dr's! Give Brady big hugs from the Lezonlings!

  2. go Brady!!!
    we're praying for you!!
    you're kids are so cute :)

  3. Love the quotes!!

    That is frustrating about the appointment! Sometimes we have to stand our ground, especially when it comes to our children! Praying that you get an appointment SOON!

    We will continue to pray for Brady! Keep truckin little man!


  4. Two year olds are awesome! So fun to watch them as they develop their little personalities.
    Thanks so much for sharing the adorable things your sweeties are saying :)


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