Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting a Time Tomorrow

No big news today. We headed out to my friend's house "way out in the country" for a playdate. She lives on a gorgeous piece of land, in a pretty house at the end of a long driveway, nestled next to a pasture, near a pretty old barn, up the hill from a pond. It was very pretty indeed! And the kids got to do all sorts of "country things" that they don't do here. They got to see some chickens and watch my friend catch a fish from her pond. Pretty cool...

Cara decided that she wouldn't nap today which was very annoying! I hope this is just a one day fluke and not a trend that could end the most tranquil hours of my day (1-3pm).

The pediatric MRI department is closed on Mondays, so I'm hoping for a call tomorrow to give us our time for Thursday. If I don't hear from them by noon, yours truly will be on the horn looking for a time. If our time is later in the morning, we might try and squeeze in PT that day. I'm praying for an early appointment as our little Brady won't be able to eat or drink. It is getting more difficult the older he gets to distract him from the breakfast that he loves so much!

Our hero conquered a new thing today...he climbed into the van all by himself! Way to go buddy! Well I'm off to my basement for some more work among the piles of stuff down there, yard sale in 4 days!

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  1. Yay, Brady!!

    Glad you got to the country for some fun today!

    Hoping the naps continue for you--it's not too fun when the kids get to the point where they usually don't take them anymore. Honestly, though, I enforce "rest time" regardless. ;) Even though the kids don't think so, they still need the break, and Lord knows the moms do!! :o)



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