Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Boom Up in the Sky"

Well, we did it. We kept our family out at a social function until well past 10pm! My friends and family are giggling at me as they read this, but this is a big accomplishment for us.

My gorgeous niece Natalie celebrated her 1st birthday on the 4th of July, so we got to celebrate at her birthday party complete with a wonderful display of fireworks! It was a wonderful time and I think I was probably the only one in the crowd watching with tears in my eyes the whole time. Imagine, my whole "little" family snuggled around each other in the dark celebrating a wonderful time with family and friends. These are the times I long for and months ago feared would never be happy times again. God is good and last night I was so happy, so thankful, so hopeful...
My favorite quotes overheard during the fireworks:
Eli: (after an hour or so sitting and watching the fireworks) "Eli outside!"
Eli: "Daddy boom it up in the sky!" (He thought Daddy was in charge of the whole show!)
Brady: after watching quietly for 30 minutes:"How about blllluuuuee? How about ye-yo? How about pu-ple?" After a few more minutes, "How about marshmallow?
Cara: "How about pink?" After about an hour, "Cara go in the van, go night-night?"

And of course, some pictures of my beauties!
Eli did a lot of mowing. He was born to be a country boy!

Love this one!

Brady in the middle, keeping up with the gang!

Allie was a sweetheart and enjoyed the fireworks sleeping in her daddy's arms!

Cara checking out the "deer."

Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing this boy running around with that smile!


  1. Oh, you don't know how so i needed these pics tonight. I've just come back from another exhaustive night from the hospital w/my husband suffering w/terrible kidney infection and stones. Feeling torn leaving kids w/my oldest at home, sometimes needing sitter relief, running back and forth to hospital, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours, and racing home to fix supper that no one wants to eat and tuck kids in!!! ugh...

    The whole time i remind myself of what you have gone through w/Brady and realize as much as i don't want to see my husband suffer and me deal w/all that comes w/ it, I am not dealing w/watching my child suffer. I couldn't do it. I stand in awe of your grace, your tolerance, and your faith.

    People are watching in amazement that you're still standing! And look at your miracle, proof of what God can do. So feel confident in this, that in our difficulties, we are encouraged, and cheered on by your example...thank you.

    And...thank you for the pics of the lifts me and comforts me. Hope that wasn't poison ivy near the barn! lol The one of the three of them at the barn should be on a calender, and the Brothers should be a portrait.

    Too cute:)

  2. Meg and Family,
    What beautiful pics. I get tears of joy in my eyes as I see your healthy children. I love the pics you share and can understand your hopes and dreams for you children. These hope and dreams never go away, no matter how old they become.
    Prayers of peace and happiness,
    Love, Deb R.

  3. Such cuties! What a week you've had! (We've been on vacation, and I've just caught up with the blog.) I'm glad it ended with a happy bang. The pictures of the kids and their quotes are so adorable. Praying for many more wonderful days ahead for years and years with all six Willamses together. :o) Love you.


  4. Love the pictures Megan! LOVE the 3 amigos by the barn! :) Glad you had such a wonderful day together! Still praying for our Brady! :)

  5. could your kids be any stinking cuter?


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