Saturday, July 25, 2009

Michael's Rainbow

Tonight we went to the awareness ceremony during the Michael Napoleone Memorial Foundation youth baseball tournament. I was asked to share a little bit about Brady's story and how this wonderful foundation helped our family. I'm so honored to speak on behalf of all families dealing with cancer.

The weather this afternoon and evening was SO wild here! As we loaded the family in the van, the thunder and lighting started. Then as we drove to the event, the pouring rain started with a strange wind. Come to find out a tornado touched down in our county (very usual for our area). When we got to the stadium, the rain had stopped. About 30 minutes later, the skies opened up again and it poured. The ceremony started, the rain held off. As the ceremony ended, the thunder started again, and it rained, AGAIN!

As we were driving home, the most beautiful rainbow was in the sky. At one point we could see it stretching all the way across the stormy sky!!! I like to think it was Michael's rainbow...


  1. Beautiful pictures! Stay strong in your fight for Brady's right to be treated like a human being and not just another case. Too often Doctors cannot get past the written word and actually see who those words are written about. We continue to lift you up in prayer and know that God has great things in store for you all. Take care.

  2. God is so good as he provides for our every need. I always think of the rainbow as a sign of his love for us. How powerful that you saw it on the way home from your celebration.

    Praise be to God!
    love, Deb R.

  3. Seeing rainbows is just great--always makes me smile. We caught one with the kids on the way home yesterday. They were so excited. Glad the event was able to proceed despite the crazy weather.



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