Monday, August 10, 2009

5 More Days!

Holy humidity! I've added low humidity to my wish list for Saturday:)

Today was one of those days when you accomplish a ton of loose ends! The kids and I hung out all morning, then after lunch I headed out to a hair appointment. I'm so glad to not be looking like a swamp creature anymore! Then I hit 5 stores to grab some party exciting!

Tonight I wrote a letter and sent scans to Dr. Laquaglia at Sloan. We want him to review Brady's recent scans and offer his impressions. I'm not sure how long he will be willing to do this, but until I hear otherwise, off they go! I also wrote a letter to my insurance company thanking them for our wonderful Case Manager. We have officially graduated from the Case Management program (which is good news!) so we will no longer need Priscilla's services. You know how you always say, "I'm going to write a letter" when either good/bad things happen? Well, tonight I decided to thank her for her wonderful service by doing just that! If you are reading Priscilla, thanks a million:) I signed my letter, Megan Williams, mom to Brady, cancer warrior and survivor! That is the first time I referred to him as a survivor, it has a nice ring to it:)

My sister and family arrived safely at my mom's from Minnesota. We are really looking forward to a week of fun with all of them. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER MELISSA!


  1. Hi mellisa this is kris good luck brady

  2. Welcome Melissa and Fam and Happy Birthday!!

    Glad you're getting things done, Meg. Accomplishing things on the to do list always reduces my stress level. :o)



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