Thursday, September 3, 2009

And Then There Were 3...

So, the virus among us took down two more today. While Eli is feeling great today, Brady and Cara both awoke with raging fevers this morning. It seemed they were on the verge of throwing up all day, but they never did. They were just very lethargic, little appetite, and had high temps all day. I haven't sat around this much in years! Most of my day was spent holding a hot child on my lap watching cartoons. My poor babies...I could tell that they felt terrible! Thank goodness my mother in law was here...she was a tremendous help while I had snuggle duty.

Sadly I had plans to go for a pedicure and out to dinner with friends that I had to cancel. I was bummed, but knew I was were I needed to be. I'm a little behind now on Lemonade Stand stuff, but hopefully I can catch up!

ATTENTION ALL VOLUNTEERS! I found out today that our stand while be IN the Triangle Park. If you are looking at the gazebo steps, we will be on the left side of it. I have never ever seen a booth there before, but apparently there is only one performing stage this year, so they are moving things around a bit. At first I was disappointed to not be with the other food booths, but maybe we will get a lot of customers who are watching the entertainment.

I want to thank those who are sending donations and those who are donating online! I'm touched beyond belief at your kindness. Remember that 100% of money donated will go directly to the foundation which funds research grants aimed at improving treatments for children with pediatric cancer. I think I should replace the words "children with pediatric cancer" to "children just like Brady." Our fundraising goal for this project was $1,000...we have already raised $535!!! Couldn't be more thankful...

Cancer Fact #3 Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15 in the United States.

Please be praying that the kids will feel better for this weekend and that Matt and I will be healthy so that we can get the stand up and going. Be praying that we will be able to share Brady's story with someone and be able to witness about God's grace and provision during life's trials. It is awesome to think of what one little lemonade stand could do!!!

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