Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Went Bowling!

Cousin Aubrey's birthday party at the bowling alley was a hit! The kids walked in like they were scared to death, but soon realized what bowling was and they wanted in on the fun! The biggest problem was getting them to understand why it was called a bowling alley. Every time we said the words "bowling alley" that kept wondering what their baby sister had to do with it (Allie!) They would say, "No, Cara's going bowling! Not Allie!"

Enjoy the pictures!

Oh! And I forgot to mention Friday that Brady's scans have been scheduled for Friday October 15th. We need lots of prayers in the coming weeks in this area!!! We are praying for no change in the small area of tumor in his spine and no new areas of tumor. Or better yet, we are praying that God has completely eradicated the remaining tumor, making Brady cancer free! As I was writing that, I was reminded of a verse but couldn't think of it exactly. It speaks about how God can do what we cannot! I think about the amazingly talented surgeon that operated on Brady. They estimate that he removed at least 95% of Brady's tumor...that is truly amazing! But that surgeon couldn't get it all...his abilities were limited as to what he can do. I'm so glad that my God isn't limited by what He can do. Here is the verse (I just love that you can Google bible verses)

Luke 18:27
And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.


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